Chlorella Improves Radiation Resistance in Rats

Radiobiologiia. 1989 Sept-Oct;29(5):652-4

(Rptkovska D. Vatsek A, bartonichkgva A.)

A study has been conducted to see the effect of Ivastimus (a preparation from alga Chlorella liquid extract) against radioresistensi parameters and some parameters haemopoiseis in rats that had been exposed / exposed 60Co-gamma-radiaSion, with an average dose and the dose of radiation that is really lethal. Ivastimu strongly increase the protective effect shown by the increased ability to survive. With a lethal dose, post-radiation Ivastimu increasing formation of endogenous colonies and restoration / repair and bone marrow cells / spleen mass.

Chlorella accelerates the disposal / dioxin excretion in rats

J. Nutf. 1999 Sept;129(9):1731-6

(Morita K. Matsueda T. Iidaj, Hasegawa-Fukuoka Institute of Health and Enviromental Sciences, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka 818-0135, Japan)

We have investigated the effects of Chlorella on the excretion / disposal dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDD) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDF) in Wistar rat feces. Tsenyawa dioxin derivative is added in rice oil (type of disease that is caused Yusho disease). Rats were fed 4 g of control diet or a diet containing 10% Chlorella oil 0.2 ml of rice during the trial period 1-5. Total PCDD and PCDF which is excreted in the feces of an experiment to-1 till to-5 rat groups given 10% Chlorella is 0.2 to 11.3 (PCDD) and from 0.3 to 12.8 (PCDF) times higher compared with the control group over the 95% confidence level (P < 0.05). We then examined the excretion of PCDD and PCDF in the feces 8-35 mice given 0.5 ml of rice oil. Before the rats had consumed the basal diet for 1 week. After 1 week they mrk jg basal diet or a diet consumes 10% Chlorella. PCDD and PCDF excretion in feces in groups of mice that were given 10% Chlorella diet from 0.3 to 3.4 (PCDD) and 0.5-2.5 (PCDF) higher than the control group. That is, the excretion of PCDD and PCDF higher in mice consuming Chlorella. It gives the impression that Chlorella may be beneficial to inhibit / prevent the absorption of dioxins in the gastrointestinal tract and to increase the excretion of dioxin that has tersebrap into the network. More than that, it also gives the impression that Chlorella is also beneficial for the treatment / therapy people exposed to dioxin.

Chlorella supplementation lowers the levels of dioxin and increases immunoglobulin concentrations in breast milk.

J Med Food 2007 Mar;lu (1)-134-42

(Nakano S. Takekoshj JH, Nakano M. Saiseikai – Nara Hospital, Nara, Japan)

In addition to meeting nutritional needs, breast milk plays an important role in the natural defense for infant feeding. Dioxin has been detected in high concentrations in breast milk, raising concerns about breast feeding disorders in infants caused by the content of dioxins in Japan.


We have analyzed dioxin levels in breast milk and blood samples from 35 pregnant women in Japan. We also measured the concentration of immunoglobulin (Ig) A in breast milk and investigated correlations with dioxin concentrations. In addition, 18 of 35 women given chlorella supplements during pregnancy, and the effect on dioxin and IgA concentrations in breast milk were investigated.


Toxic Equivalence significantly lower in the breast milk of women who Chlorella consumption compared with the control group (P-0003). These results suggest that Chlorella supplementation can reduce the maternal transfer of dioxins to the child through breast milk. No significant correlations were identified between dioxin and IgA concentrations in breast milk in the control group.


Being is unlikely that the normal level of dioxin exposure through foods have a tremendous influence on IgA in breast milk. The concentration of IgA in breast milk in the Chlorella group were significantly higher than the control group (P = 0.03). Increasing levels of IgA in breast milk is considered effective to reduce the risk of infection in breast-fed infants. This result shows that Chlorella supplementation not only reduces dioxin levels in breast milk, but also may have a beneficial effect on nursing infants by increasing the levels of IgA in breast milk.

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