Table Comparison of Nutrient Substance Supergreen Food

Special From Supergreen Food

1. PPARs, , important biomedical discovery in 21st century

PPARs (Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Reseptors) is a substance that can improve and stimulate the activity of peroxisome and receptor peroxisome proliferation (multiplication) in the body.

PPARs function :

  1. Important in cell proliferation (acts as a transcription factor genetic codes and cell differentiation).
  2. Regulate blood glucose balance.
  3. Metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.
  4. Insert essential amino acids into cells
  5. Important role in the production of the enzyme catalase, glutathione peroxidase and uric acid oxidase which will clean the cell of toxic peroxides / free radicals.
  6. Activate cell detox mechanism.
  7. Important role in formation of plasmalogen, a form of the most abundant phospholipid in myelin. plasmalogen deficiency causes nerve cells abmormalitas.
  8. Play a role in the production of bile acid and protein.
  9. Stimulate and activate T cells, NK cells (natural killer), cytokines, lymphocytes, phagocytes and other immune factors.

Proxisome is closely related to several conditions and diseases such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes (especially insulin resistance), hypertension, coronary heart disease, cancer, immunity and inflammation. with age, and the production of peroxisome number and its receptors in the body decreases.

PPARs play an important role in the process of gene transcription that will affect the performance of these genes. When the human body is like like a machine, PPARs identical to the switch machine. Without PPARs a lot of cells in the body will sleep and not work. Functions of the cells can not thrive. In other words, the active PPARs will work each function body machine properly. In 2002, experts from the National Health Research Institute (Taiwan) states that PPARs will be one of the most important matter in the 21st century. . Evident in this perspective, Supergreen food will be ultimate health food.

The location and function of PPARs :

PPARS have three types α(alpa), β(beta) and γ(gamma) These three types have the same structure and functions, but they have different ligand (activator) and locations in the body.

  • PPARs α(alpa) protects the liver, kidneys and heart.
  • PPARs β(beta) serves to protect existing adipose tissue throughout the body, brain and skin.
  • PPARs γ(gamma) protects the intestine, spleen and pancreas.

2. Chlorella Growth Factor ( CGF )

Peptide-nucleotide complex which is obtained from the heat chlorella extract that has the ability to stimulate tissue formation.

Functions :

  • Accelerate cell regeneration thereby speeding recovery diseases.
  • Improve the function of DNA / RNA plays an important role in the life of the cell.
  • Improve growth in children without negative effects.
  • Provide protection to cells against toxins.
  • Repair tissue and stimulate cell generation.
  • Help the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

3. Phycocyanin

One of the main plant nutrients (phytonutrients) is contained in the blue-green algae.

Functions :

  • Acts as a potent anti-cancer preventing by attacking with apoptosis way (give "sharp knife" to the cancer cells to commit suicide).
  • Enhance the immune system.
  • Regulate the production of white blood cells despite bone stem cells as chemical or radiation poisoning.
  • Stimulate the process of blood formation (hematopoiesis).

4. Polyphenols

is a compound found in plants and particularly high levels in vegetables, fruits and grains.

Functions :

  • Powerful antioxidants compounds.
  • Prevent the inflammatory process in the body.
  • Maintain serum levels of total cholesterol to remain in the normal state (to prevent heart attacks and strokes).
  • Inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine.
  • Prevent Alzheimer's disease and slow the aging.
  • High content of polyphenols which can be useful as an anti-virus and immunomodulator.

5. Functions of chlorophyll

Functions :

  • Control blood Hb.
  • Increase the oxygen capacity of the blood mengangukut.
  • Help detoxify the body of heavy metals including.
  • Protect the body from carcinogens.
  • Help the body fight infection.
  • Good for gastrointestinal health.


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